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Something i’m looking forward to in “Oathbringer” is some kind of followup on that assassin that Jasnah hired to spy on her sister-in-law….and why she felt she had to do that in the first place

(And also how is Jasnah “broken” re: in the way that Surgebinders apparently are to attract spren?? Actually this probably won’t be answered in “Oathbringer”)

Jasnah’s need for intel on her sister in law would be great to find out! I’ll keep an eye out for any clues relating to that on my reread, but so far I don’t think I have anything concrete. regarding Jasnah’s shattered spiritweb (how she is broken), though, I have this:

“I did not do this just to prove a point, child. […] men like those…” There was something in her voice, an edge Shallan had never heard before.

What was done to you? Shallan wondered with horror. And who did it?


“I sincerely wanted those men gone. A careless barmaid walking home the wrong way cannot protect herself, but I can. And I will.

in Way of Kings, at least, Branderson seems to be implying that Jasnah was attacked or assaulted at some point in her past, possibly causing the spiritweb cracks. if such is the case, writing about it will be a rather delicate situation that will need to be handled with care. if such is not the case, then we’ll just have to RAFO.

She is also kinda surprised that Shallan does not mind being betrothed to a man in Words of Radiance.

“It doesn’t bother you at all?” Jasnah said. “The idea of being beholden to another, particularly a man?”
“It’s not like I’m being sold into slavery.” Shallan said with a laugh.
“No. I suppose not.” Jasnah shook herself, her poise returning.

I actually have a little theory on this. From WoR prologue:

“Perhaps if you found pleasnt associations.” His eyes swung toward Amaram, whom he’d long fancied as a potential match for her.
It would never happen. Amaram met her eyes, then murmured words of parting to her father and hastened down the corridor.

We all know what kind of a bastard Maridas Amaram is.

Rebloging my own post because Oathbringer gave us some more tea on Amaram and Jasnah.

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