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@strumienpola theres a difference??? between hair colour????? and race????????? lmao??

No, there isn’t. Both don’t fucking matter.

I wasnt being sensitive about it.. all I did was say that Kaidan was brown… lmao. if anyone needs to “get the fuck over” its you, sweetheart.

And yes, there IS a difference between hair colour and race. A very drastic difference. A very obvious difference. And whether you like it or not, race does matter. Representation matters. Especially to minorities who hardly see themselves in media.

Theres no reason for you to piss your pants bc I said a character was hispanic. Get over yourself.

If anyone is racist, it’s the one that cares about someone’s skin colour.

I am seriously so fed up with people crying over so minor things. Why does it matter? Can’t you people just focus on character’s personality for gods sakes?

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