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actually i’m really looking forward to Kaladin’s return to Hearthstone in Oathbringer. purely for the fact that Roshone sent a thirteen year old to war to get revenge on one family, and his (probably pretty scrawny) fifteen year old brother followed him, and Roshone probably never thought seriously about that again until the letter arrived telling Lirin and Hesina that Tien had died and Kaladin wasn’t going to return.

and Kaladin’s going back to Hearthstone after a few years of training in the army (building muscle & mass that he wouldn’t have been building as a surgeon’s apprentice and getting some serious weapon training in is what I’m saying) and years of hard labor as a slave (at which point kaladin’s ripped but also probably quite malnourished so not a good kind of ripped) and about a year of actually getting proper amounts of nutrients & calories with similar (though less extremely strenuous) amounts of activity (kaladin’s a good amount of ripped and has probably been building more muscle mass bc he’s eating better and more) and maybe a year and a half of practicing Windrunning and learning to deal with his mental stress and depression in a better way.

if Roshone is still alive (very unsatisfying if he isn’t but we’ll see) he might not even recognize the man that returns (light blue eyes! likely a very different build! expected never to see him again!)

but when he realizes that this man–taller now (I assume he wasn’t done growing at fifteen years old), bigger, pretty frickin ripped, confident in himself and his abilities, in a blue Kholin uniform with the rank of a captain, with glowing blue eyes and a living Shardbladewas the fifteen year old kid whose brother he’d sent to die… 

at the very least he’s going to piss himself thinking that Kaladin’s back to kill him and I for one will enjoy that immensely

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