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Theory time!


okay so I know I made a post before about how I thought Shallan could see the future like Renarin, and I totally still have bragging rights if that turns out to be true but consider: Shallan can control emotions

Reasons I think this:

  1. Shallan made her siblings happier for years despite being very young and very traumatised. 
  2. I very much ascribe to the theory that different surge combos grant different powers, and so for someone with illumination and Transformation to have a different power than the people with just one of those surges makes a lot of sense.
  3. Shallan likes to be in control in a situation, making emotional control a fitting power for her. 
  4. Even when she tries something more daring (claiming to be a relative of Sebarial etc.) which is happening more and more often, it is likely to go to plan.
  5. Wit uses emotional allomancy on her. And while this doesn’t necessarily count as proof in world it would be good foreshadowing. 
  6. People have already theorised that she used the transformation surge on Gaz, which I feel fits in well with this. I’d like to suggest she ‘transformed’ his emotions.
  7. Her powers are also linked with honestly in lies, something evident in her lightweaving which changes her appearance. changing emotions would work incredibly well with that power, and plot wise would be interesting if she does get deeper into the Ghostbloods like I hope she will.
  8. Kaladin acts kind of out of character during the chasm scene. Maybe my aro self is missing something but I feel like most people don’t crush on someone immediately after they act like a bigot towards you.

I also think, Shallan being Shallan, that if this is an ability she has used she has done so without being aware of it.

Shallan’s bonus power is confirmed to be perfect memory.

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