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Fictional favorites: Cosmere edition.

So I saw this tagging game somewhere on my feed, and because I’m absoluty obsessed with Cosmere lately (I mean, like, almost a year already) I literally could not think of any other characters while going through with it in my mind. So I decided to make a version entirely Cosmere-ic. 

About me:

  2. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
  3. Book person or TV person: Books
  4. Favorite book series: Stromlight Archive
  5. Favorite TV series/anime: Hmm. Dunno. Jessica Jones? Doctor Who? Dark matter? 

And now:

  1. Fantasy universe you would most like to live in: Cosmere, duuh. 
  2. Favorite character ever: Kaladin
  3. Character you would like to personally slap in the face: Shallan. I cannot explain. She just makes annoying decisions all the time. 
  4. Character you would like to personally murder: Sadeas. Amaram is next :P 
  5. Character you would gladly intern under: Jasnah!
  6. Character you would totally have tea with: Wayne. Although he would probably swap teacups with an old newspaper. 
  7. Character that you feel really needs a hug: Kaladin. I mean, that is why I love him. I have a thing for depressed people. 
  8. Character you love that you would probably hate irl: Kelsier.
  9. Character you would realistically be friends with irl: Sarene.
  10. First character you had a crush on (if any): Kaladin. I’m getting repetitive, innit? 
  11. Favorite ship: There’s one ship from White Sand that is not canon yet, so I’ll just pick another favourite. Siri + Susebron. Siribron? I guess. 
  12. Series that you feel ended terribly: There is literally no series in Cosmere that would apply. 
  13. Series that had so much potential but was actually an epic disaster: IMHO, White Sand the graphic novel is pretty sad. 
  14. 3 favorite tropes: The bad guys actually wanted to do something good; magic has rules and world is plausible; female characters can be both badasses and accomplished mothers/traditionally feminine figures. 
  15. 3 most hated tropes: Protagonist is good at everything; Protagonist is so rainbow-barfingly good that they don’t kill; the bad guys get proselytised to the good side. 

I’d love to see more character questions like that, there are more Cosmere characters I love, so feel free flood me with them. 

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