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Six-word stories

Novelist Ernest Hemingway, according to literary legend, was once challenged to write a short story in only six words. Hemingway's story read:
“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Ever since then people are obsessed with heartbreaking six-word stories. And so am I, that's why I collected some of my favourites. Pack your bags, we're going on a feels trip.

“Wrong number,” says a familiar voice.

Born a twin; Graduated only child.

Strangers. Friends. Best friends. Lovers. Strangers.

“You’re not a good artist, Adolf.”

Sorry soldier, shoes sold in pairs.

Brought roses home. Keys didn’t fit.

Nobody asks "Why the happy face?"

Found perfect match. Didn't light it.

Cancer. Only three months left. Pregnant.

Table for one, Martinis for two.

Failed life. Attempted suicide. Failed again.

Relationship expires; leaves a bitter aftertaste.

Smoking my very last cigarette. Again.

“Reading For Dummies,” somehow, never sold.

High School graduation gown, maternity size.

Our bedroom. Two voices. I knock.

Partied through life. All 23 years.

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