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March 29 2017

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All the nice girls like a soldier.
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March 28 2017



“What has happened to us?”  Dalinar asked. “ Where is our honor?”
“Honor is dead,”
 a voice whispered from beside him. Dalinar turned and looked at Captain Kaladin. He hadnt noticed the bridgeman walking down the steps behind him. Kaladin took a deep breath, then looked at Dalinar.  “But I’ll see what I can do.” -  Kaladin to Dalinar, Words of Radiance.

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Kaladin Stormblessed Rework by emmgoyer7

Kaladin with beard yay!

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Another Kaladin doodle =) (Material: acrylic)



I want an awesome fantasy book.

I want a fantasy novel with strong female characters.

I want a fantasy novel that addresses racism in America, both from before the civil war and today.

I want a fantasy novel with an original magic system that ROCKS.

I want a fantasy novel written by a religious man that addresses the pros and cons of religion in a respectful way for everybody.

I want a fantasy novel with basically magic ninjas.

I want a fantasy heist book.

I want a fresh new take on the idea that “There’s one king that’s in charge everywhere and is totally evil.”

I want a fantasy novel that leaves very subtle hints by the author to a huge and epic plot that’s going on in the background of almost all his books.  I also want to figure out this back plot with an excited fandom online.

I want one of the best freaking fantasy novels ever written.

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Mistborn [x]

I recently started reading Mistborn ‘cause the boyfriend raves about it and I was curious. I’m about 100 pages in and it’s absolutely great, I haven’t had the chance to sit down with a good dystopian novel in a while so this is really refreshing *U* They don’t give a lot of detail on the main protagonist, Kelsier, so it’s pretty fun having a lot of freedom visualising a character B) ♥



Ancient Tablet: write these words in steel, for anything not set in metal cannot be trusted

Sazed:  Better take a rubbing of this!


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thanks, kelsier



okay no so everyone complains that they can never find a good book that is written with:

  • POC
  • WOC
  • strong/well written female lead characters
  • well written story with romance that does not focus on romance
  • interesting worldbuilding
  • unique/fun magic systems
  • alternating POV without it getting boring from certain characters’ perspective 

WELL GUESS WHAT THIS EXISTS. Almost every Brandon Sanderson novel (if not all of them) has all of these things. Like yes he is male, and yes all of his books depict strong female leads (psssttt: they’re also really well written). Here are some cool things you get to read about in his books:

  • A magic system where people ingest certain metals and are able to derive different powers from them.
  • A magic system that allows people to unleash energy through glyphs drawn in the air.
  • A magic system where that 6th sense I-know-someone-else-is-in-the-room-with-me kinda feeling is explained and allows people to bring inanimate objects to life to do cool stuff.
  • A world where the winds are so freaking intense that the trees literally retract their branches, the grass disapears into the earth, and instead of cows they have giant land crustaceans because cows would be killed in these freaking intense storms
  • A strong female lead that can kick ass and literally bashes her forehead against a dude’s head and smashes his head to pieces with her own head.
  • A strong female lead that is intensely clever, feminine, a leader, adept in fencing, but is generally focused on politics. 
  • A strong female character that starts out as naive and something of a spoiled brat but grows to fill a position that she was not required to take, but takes it anyway.
  • A strong female character that disdains another way of life but slowly grows to see beauty in all things and learn to balance different people and their beliefs.
  • A strong male lead that is a scholar and a politician first and foremost; who only becomes a warrior later with the help of his wife,
  • Class differences
  • A wide range of nationalities/ethnic groups
  • Strong lead characters that are POC
  • A class system where a woman takes command of a kingdom while her husband goes to war and nobody questions it.
  • A society where men are not allowed to learn to read, only women can, and thus women are integral to pretty much everything.

Also Brandon Sanderson spews books out like a robot. His website even has a little thing at the top showing his progress in his books. HE WROTE A SEQUEL TO A BOOK AND HANDED IT TO HIS EDITOR THEN SAID “HEY SO SURPRISE, NOT ONLY DID i WRITE THE SEQUEL TO THE ALLOY OLAW, BUT I ALSO FINISHED THE BOOK AFTER THAT ONE TOO HAHAHA FUNNY RIGHT?“ 

He gives really good writing tips. He is a teacher at Brigham Young University and he also has all of his lectures from 2014 posted on youtube.

Also he did this cool thing where most of his books take place on different planets but within the same universe. And this universe is called the Cosmere. So while Mistborn and Elantris and Warbreaker have completely different magic systems and geography and such, they operate under the same general principles. Also there is a subtle subplot going on throughout all of his books that take place in the Cosmere, but all of these books can be enjoyed individually without any understanding of the Cosmere (but you gotta admit that adds a little something extra to his work doesn’t it?).

also warbreaker is free in pdf on his website: Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson



Adolin: I have a magical armor that is thousands of years old that comes with a giant sword lol u impressed?

Shallan: what if u need to poop in it?

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i got a tattoo 

and it is of pattern

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Mistborn, digital illustration.
Based on “The Final Empire” from the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.

May need to read this just to cosplay this because the guy in the back looks… uncannily like me. Like


All I gotta do is grow a goatee and bleach my hair again and I’m basically done.


Cosmere Curiosity


Hello fellow Cosmere peeps! I am an individual who is curious as to how you all were introduced to Sanderson’s books!!

1. How did you hear about them? Where did you first see them?

2. What was the first book you read? what did you like about it the most? 

3. which books have you read? WHICH BOOK IS YOUR FAV?

4. WHY is it your fav?

5. what book are you planning on reading next??

lay yourself bare in this episode of Cosmere Curiosity! 

1. My super nerd friend recommended it to me.
2. Mistborn; awesome magic system and amazing worldbuilding. I mean, Sanderson in general 😅
3. All of them. All of Cosmere at least, White Sand the prose incuded. From other Brandon’s works I still have to finish Alcatraz and I haven’t even started Rithmatist yet.
My favourite is Stormlight Archive series, and Warbreaker as a stand alone book.
4. There’s nothing like Stormlight. Nothing.
5. The Name of the Wind.

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Yea basically, but I’m single af


First words




The Way of Kings: “Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king.”

Words of Radiance: “Jasnah Kholin pretended to enjoy the party, giving no indication that she intended to have one of the guests killed.”

If the first sentence of Oathbringer isn’t about someone planning a murder I will be a little disappointed.

I think all of the first five books will probably start on this same day with someone plotting the murder of someone at that party.

Honestly won’t be surprised




Hey so i’ve been thinking we should have a cosmere ask meme so here goes:

1. Twinborn type?

2. Radiant order?

3. Which shardworld are you from?

4. if you were a shard, what would that shard be called?

5. Mistborn, Feruchemist, Radiant, or Elantrian? (assume fuel is available)

6. If you could Forge your own soul, who would you forge yourself into?

7.  Your Returned name?

8. Cosmere OTP/NoTP

9. Misting type?

8. Ferring type?

9. Cosmere Novel you would most like to see an adaptation of?

10. What type of adaptation?

11. Misting, Ferring, Sand Mastrell, Awakener, or Forger? (Assume fuel is available)

12. Characters you feel sure will die?

13. Characters who you couldn’t take dying?

14. Theories?

15. What kind of spren do you attract the most of?

16. Favorite non-cosmere books?

17. Favorite Character?

18. Characters you want to see more of?

19. Place in the cosmere you’d most like to visit?

Yes please👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

1. Zinc compounder.
2. Truthwatchers.
3. Nalthis? I think I like Nalthis the most.
4. From the existing ones? Endowment. Anything I want? Probably still Endowment 😀
5. Oh man. I really want the surge of Progression. But Elantrians can heal too. And Feruchemist are awesome. I’d be happy to be any of those except for Mistborn, as this is for fighters, and I’m definitely not a fighter.
6. Me but not a lazy fucking ass.
7. Lonelight. Or Lightstream.
8. OTP: Siri and Susebron; NoTP: Shallan and Kaladin.
9. Soother or Rioter. More into brass, tbh.
10. Sparker or Archivist. More into copper.
11. Again, hard to choose. Either Misting or Ferring. Awekening and Sand Mastery are also for fighters, I think, and I would be a terrible Forger with absolutely no artistic talent 😂
12. Dalinar.
13. Dalinar.
14. Tranquilline Halls = Ashyn; Cultivation invested in Ashyn; Scythe = Autonomy; Trell = Autonomy.
15. Hmm. Laughterspren, Painspren, hopefuly Musicspren when singing ;)
16. Brandon’s? Alcatraz is hilarious. Other? Harry Potter series, especially the Prisoner of Azkaban.
17. Kaladin. I have a thing for depressed people.
18. Renarin! I have a thing for people with different issues too.
19. Darkside of Taldain. It must look sick!

I did fictional favourites the Cosmere edition recently, you guys should too!

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